Monday, January 11, 2010

Internet Romance

I just scored so HUGE on etsy. I've been haunting the dark corners of the internet for a pair of everyday brown boots since I lost my heart to a ruffled pair at Anthropologie a few weeks ago. What I really wanted is my much adored ranch boots of years past but taller, darker and less western.

I had almost convinced myself to spend upwards of $100 on a 2nd-hand (not vintage) pair of campus boots on Ebay, when my fairy godmother (who apparently vends under the name axandapple) listed these on etsy.
Holy Crap! Aren't they lovely? They're the same size and same brand (Dexter) as my fav ranch boots! And they were about 1/2 the price of their Ebay counterparts. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it. Now I'm going to pull out my sewing machine and make some more cute belly- friendly things in readiness for their arrival. Yay Boots!

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