Friday, January 15, 2010

Goo Goo Ga Joob

Our dear boy came almost 3 weeks before his due date, leaving both Zion and I stunned. Given how closely it follows the holidays, and the early January hibernation I'm prone to take, I seem forever doomed to experience his birthday with a pinch of deer-in-the-headlights surprise. This year is no different, but I'm doing my best to rally and pull off some 11th hour fun.Beckett originally wanted a Walrus Party (his favorite animal), but when good friends suggested a Totoro Party (his favorite movie) he seriously wrestled with the choice. Finally, and quite suddenly, he decided he wanted it all, and by golly that's what he'll get. Today we made some paper guys to hang on the walls, some little paper cupcake picks, and many many feet of a pennant flag banner. This last project was a huge hit 1) because I got to use up some of my horded fabrics and 2) because B got to be fully in charge of operating the sewing machine pedal. those of you who have ever been around a child, let alone a mechanically minded one, can imagine the glee involved with that.Anyway, so things are looking good for a fun, mellow 3rd birthday party tomorrow at the grandparents house. And I feel decent about not having totally dropped the ball on this one. He's an amazing kid, such a gentleman wise beyond his years. Zion and I never feel that "can you believe he's 3 already?" sentiment, but the person he's become in these past 3 years makes me primed for celebration. No, celebration is too tame, I want to beat my chest and howl at the moon for all he's added to our world. And, folks, that just may be exactly what I'll do!

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