Saturday, January 23, 2010

Town Boots, Country Boots

My boots are here! I picked them up from the post office early yesterday morning, and threw them on in a mad frenzy before we headed south for the day. My sister and her fiancee were scouting wedding spots in Skagit County, mostly La Conner, and B and I tagged along to put in our 2 cents. Sometimes its just really good to spend a few hours in the country. I loved the gnarled trees in this orchard, and B loved this goat and his awesome beard. We never got his real name, and have been calling him Goatie MacGruder for all story telling purposes. And, of course, everyone loves a good run down a hall of trees. All of these pictures were taken at the La Conner Flats, a flower and vegetable garden with a seasonal organic farmer's stand and a rustic tea room. I thought it was all lovely in the literal dead of winter, but am scheming a summer trip to see it in bloom.

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