Saturday, January 9, 2010

The BIG News

The huge and hugely exciting news from recent weeks is my little sister's engagement to her long time beau, Jon! Having announced the news whilst both of her married older sisters were in town turned the whole event into a huge Jane Austen style hen fest. Like if the Bennets had access to Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. Not that it's going to be a fancy affair. Since she works in the biz, and is chronically exposed to the bridezillas of the greater Seattle area, she's looking forward to a relaxed event.
The tentative plan is a fall Skagit Valley wedding, with vintage tins and mason jars filled with whatever cosmos and zinnias can be reaped from the gardens of friends and relatives. Maybe baskets of apples, or local apple wares. My personal contribution so far has been to play with these vintage fruit crate labels that my sister loves. For invites or favors or personalized toilet paper, whatever Lola wants, as they say.

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