Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All the Things She Said, She Said

Sometimes I get brilliant ideas for super obscure costume parties. And then I realize unless the entire guest list magically crawled out from some apartment complex in my brain, I would be the only one amused.

Tonight its a Simple Minds themed party where everyone has to come dressed as one of the many incarnations of the lead singer in the "All the Things She Said" video. Clearly, I want to be Owl Guy, with Falcon Guy coming in a close second. Neither to be confused with Cockatoo Guy, because who among you could resist seeing Zion in those striped pants?. MoneyPants Guy would be stellar, too. I would decorate with a space theme, hang a few tin foil stars and insist that everyone dance with snappy wrists, flailing arms and many, many spins.

Don't ask what got me started on this, because I could tell you in detail, and it really isn't all that interesting, just very typical.

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