Monday, July 13, 2009

Jasper Cat

So, now we come to it. I felt compelled to write the preceding posts lest the happy memories of last week fall by the mourning wayside. But in truth, the only thing on my mind has been the death of our Jasper.

It was sudden, unexpected and horrible, as such things are. He was more like a dog than our dog, big and handsome, playful and nonviolent despite near constant tail pulling and general toddler roughness. He single-handedly (pawedly?) made me a cat person, and the emptiness around here without him is almost unbearable. Chilly and vacant. Reading alone on the couch today was a failed lesson in quelling a broken heart.

Open, racking sobs are hardly my style, but it can't be helped on this one. I've lost my warm blooded shadow, whose soft purr and polar bear sprawl crept with cat-like tread into my dog-loving heart, disarming me and converting me. And I just miss him.

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