Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zoo Zoo Zoo

Feeling like quite the quartet of VIPs, we were escorted (free of charge) through the gates of the Woodland Park Zoo today by their Event Coordinator Extraordinaire, also known as my sister, Lola. So fun. Made me itch to draw. I swear the brown bear and the peregrine were purposefully sitting for portraits. I was a pretty miserable photographer, though, forgetful and slow. So I snapped a few pics of certain adorable bipedal primate in a plaid sunhat and one of said adorable primate and his Nanna with a distant bear behind them. But Zion came through with the money shot. All B wanted to see was a giraffe, but we did him one better. He got to feed one instead. Made his day. Aside from that he loved the flamingos, the otters, the arctic fox and the lions the best. Actually above all he loved the waterfalls best. He could have spent all day watching the different habitat water features. Go figure.

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