Monday, June 29, 2009

Sloth Love Chunk! ... er... Tyler Love Gina!

So the reason for the Thompsons to make their great Westward excursion, was the beautiful Russom - Rubert wedding in Astoria, Or. Of course, through the flurry of wonder - from the gorgeous (and breezy) waterfront ceremony to my not-so-expert Thriller dance, from the darling bridal party exit onto the shiny red trolley to the open adoration spilling out of Tyler's face as he looked at his bride- I managed to completely fail at photographically recording the event.

I didn't even get a single picture of Molly and B together in their dress up duds. Nor did I get a picture of myself in my really awesome (and really expensive) new dress. I looked like a real girl, I even straightened my hair for the first time in years. The above is the view from our hotel room. The ceremony took place right under the bridge and the reception was in a great renovated, historically industrial building. B did his best, given that he wasn't feeling well, and Zion did his best, given that he hates to be photographed.
We had to get B to bed right after dinner, and thought that our evening was over, but in true Thompson form, our friends sprung us with a plan to take shifts. So we all got to enjoy both the reception party, and the quiet conversation on the hotel room deck with the kids sleeping behind the sliding glass door.

The whole thing was beautiful, and so easy to feel celebratory about the joining of this particular couple. Tyler and Gina have this unabashed doting nature with each other, sort of an old fashioned gallantry but without duty or formality. It's delightful to be around.

Congrats to the delightful and refreshing Mr. and Mrs. Rubert! Thanks for including us in the festivites. I hope we see your newlywed (and newly tanned) selves after Fiji!

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  1. well could've at least reminded me that the reason you were in Astoria was for the wedding of all weddings, and the reason you were so unattainable was because your besties were in town! Heidi and I were up here making up all sorts of fantastical stories of why the Brewers would be in Astoria...haha...sheepishly laughing to myself and so glad that yr disappearance was for such awesome things. I missed you friend, but am so glad you were gone. Also, a new dress???? my favorite.