Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing

I'm a sucker for love stories and devour fictional accounts of love like it's my job. Last night I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I liked the book (which takes hardly more than standard feature film length to read,) I in no way dislike Kat Dennings, and I love Michael Cera. So why did this movie, of which I expected very little, deliver even less? It's simple. There was an inexcusable lack of chemistry between the characters. For crying out loud, it's a silly little romance flick, it doesn't require stunning special effects, or unexpected cinematography, or even a clever screenplay. The only imperative is that I buy into (or, better yet, personally experience) the butterflies. It's not a lot to ask. I just want to be made to believe that these two people like each other.

Poor Zion had to hear (more likely tune out) an epic tirade of the above abridged sentiments last night. I was still cranky about it this morning. Then this came in the mail. I'd like for art to imitate this slice of life. I want to see the movie for which this is the poster. It's cool, sexy, romantic and down to earth, much like the couple pictured. It's the Save the Date magnet for the upcoming nuptials of two remarkable people, Tyler and Gina. Their story is fraught with missed opportunities and comedic errors, long distance and Las Vegas, culminating with a Knight in Shining U-Haul rescue, a happy return to the Northwest and now a wedding. This picture instantly filled the romance vacuum left by Nick and Norah like a marshmallow in a bell jar.

Thanks for the magnet, guys. It literally made my day. Yours is the best love story I've read or seen all year. I can't wait till the wedding.