Monday, June 1, 2009

Recipe for Blueberry Tart ...

... or ... How to Make Your Own Underwear in an Afternoon.

Step 1- Put on an old favorite blouse, fully intending to wear it to a bridal shower, and discover that it brings the term "dumpy" to whole new extremes. Let it bother you for 24 hours.
Step 2- Cut off the sleeves and frilly bits.Step 3- Start cutting down to your basic pattern shapes. *note* this step should be completed with something beyond recklessness, but not quite willy nilly.Step 4- Have a delicious snack of Life cereal and blueberries and ponder the extent to which you will regret having started this project.
Step 5- Realize belatedly that pressing might have been a good idea to begin with, but hey, better late then never, right?

Step 6- Find the closest thread match in your stash because this is definitely not the sort of thing you run errands for. And start sewing on your low budge borrowed machine that sounds like it's gearing up for interstellar travel.

Step 7- "Holy Crap I made undies!"
Step 8- Take in the sides, add a few darts, finish the edges and strategically place the ruffles and voila! Blueberry Tart!
Step 9- Hope someone else thinks your pun is as funny as you do, and admire your super cute bunsies (not pictured) in your home made uns.


  1. Wow - I'm so impressed. I really like the top. I think you should wear it out...I'm sure blueberry tart would go well with garlic fries...

  2. I'd have to make a few adjustment to take it out of the boudoir. Old Helen up there is significantly bustier than I am, so while it looks public-ready on her, it's immodestly flouncy on me.

    It could be done, though, and garlic fries do sound pretty darn tasty...