Monday, June 15, 2009

The Reaping

How'd you like that intense post title, huh? I figured I'd better inject a little melodrama into this post in the hopes of masking the fact that it's really just another garden update. Without further ado, here are the reaped:I picked some strawberries and peas today. I snacked while I harvested, too. And I have to say, all melodrama aside, that this little housewife succesfully raised the most delicious snap peas she's ever tasted. Here too are the to be reaped:
These tomato plants have been the subject of much debate this weekend. To prune or not to prune? At the end, though, Zion and I realized that our goal was perhaps, never to grow tomatoes, but to grow tomato plants. There are few smells as nostalgic for me as tomato leaves, and having that scent clinging to my fingers through the summer was the impetus for planting the things in the first place. So not to prune, was the conclusion, realizing that we may have a (literally) fruitless season. But a few green bulbs were waiting for me today. Perhaps, we may just be able to have our cake and eat tomatoes too?
Also check out all the legitimate color out there in the previously brick and tar world of our roof. Kinda crazy. I hope to have some entirely un-botanical projects to show you soon. Particularly with Father's day coming, plus the 3rd birthday of a very special someone. Somehow I don't think either Zion or Ella Bear would appreciate a hand picked bouquet or a basket of peas.

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  1. yr tomatoes are way bigger than mine! Something to be said about raising something from scratch huh? so much for adopting an 18 yr old and hoping things work out....


    also, darling, did you know that i only like strawberries in shortcake form? btws.