Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Return and the Birthday Toolbelt

New baby visiting + sick kids + an inopportunely placed computer = a neglected Moth and Sparrow. We just returned from a week at my parents house in which the sole computer sits at the foot of their bed. When, as a mom, the bulk of your writing time is after nigh-nights, and, as a writer, you require solitude, that particular set up is not so conducive to blogging. Plus B is miserably sick, and quite VOCAL about it, and my sister brought my niece (and new best friend) Ella up from California to meet us. I could barely take my eyes off of her, let alone put her down long enough to post anything worthwhile. But I'm back, so here goes!
Here's the first birthday project. The toolbelt. The fabric is from superbuzzy from at least a year ago. It's fairly indicative of my fabric buying ritual, covet, purchase, then horde for untold months. It was ridiculously simple to conceive, two pockets on one side, one on the other, absurdly simple to assemble, however, I managed to break 4 machine needles in the actual construction. Shirley will swear she had some wonky threading gumming up the works, but I know it was just the old Claire-Sits-at-a-Sewing-Machine-Curse. It's a historically documented case, or at least it should be. Happily, the birthday boy loves it. He ardently refuses to carry any of his tools in it, but he just as ardently refuses to take the thing off. He almost bathed with it tonight.

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