Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Beckett!

There's a video of my 2nd birthday buried in a drawer somewhere, that features a ruffled party dress, thick mop top bangs, and a little me weeping with her head on the table while her family sings "Happy Birthday" to her. To this day I'm a terrible sport about that particular birthday tradition, and usually find myself swallowing hard against a tear-lump in my throat and wiping at the corners of my eyes. So, naturally I was nervous for my boy when the singing time came, but he grinned wide, showing off his dimples, and his big dark eyes literally twinkled. I found myself swallowing a tear-lump of an entirely different nature.
We had 2 parties in 2 days for a 2 year old boy. We're exhausted from the festivities, the droves of people who adore this child and the sheer wonder of time's passage. The woodland party went off without a hitch, and with all sorts of theme appropriate cuisine thanks to Shirley. Honestly, she was a force of event coordinating nature. The woman is amazing.The second party was hosted by another truly amazing woman, my mom. With little planning and a suddenly exploding guest list, she took 30 minutes and a fleet of toy trucks and turned them into a magazine worthy gathering. It was pure alchemy, I'm telling you, it happened before my very eyes.

I have a few punctually completed birthday projects that I'll post this week, (including, believe it or not, the mushroom beret) plus a few tardy birthday WIPs. I'm still buzzing with inspiration and hope to get these out of the nest to make room in my life, and on my desk, for some fresh ideas. But tonight I just wanted to celebrate my son, the illuminating 2 years I've shared with him, and the incredible person he's become in that time. Here's looking at you, kid.

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  1. i can't believe we missed all the greatness. more pictures please. also, B looks like yr dad in that photo...crazy, he's growing up so fast...