Friday, January 16, 2009

Miss Isabelle and other happy distractions

I love her, she's the singer of the group and my preferred dish doing soundtrack. She whistles while I work. This morning was busy, or maybe BUSY and birdsongs and certain happy child made it all rather enjoyable, but still when nap time rolled around I was in need of a little diversion. One of my favorites is I subscribe to the Word of the Day which, kind of like my finches, brings me huge amounts of daily joy and requires little to no effort on my part. And I have whittled away many hours finding anagrams of my name and others'. My husband's name, as if "Zion" isn't sexy enough, can be rearranged to Bronze Wire. Seriously, I get a few butterflies at the sound of it.

My maiden name produced a litany of undesirable phrases, most notably "Anal Corn Desire," but my married name has transformed me into Cerebral Wire. Isn't that lovely? It gives us, as a pair, the appearance of the brains and the brawn. In reality, Zion wins on both counts, but at least in the anagram world our gifts are balanced.

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  1. Love the anagrams. Mine is not as cool. Lardy Irish Perch. Laugh away Anal Corn Desire!