Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday finger puppets and their residences

I also made a set of 10 felt woodland finger puppets and their pocketed tree home for the birthday. This was something I had planned for his last birthday (yes as in a year ago - yes I'm that bad) but I just kept pushing it back. It's all for the best, especially given that now he makes up little stories and voices for them, and that last year they probably would have been felted down, baby mouth style, to slobbered woolly masses.
For the most part they live in their happy little tree, each with a pocket of its own. All except for Mr. Skunk, who is the sole resident of B's new tree house. On occasion Mr. Fox comes by for "a breakfast party" and Mr. Beaver seems to be the preferred landscaper for the vegetable garden, but only Mr. Skunk gets to call it home. Actually I have a plan for a finger puppet theater for all of these guys and plans for a family of skunks to live in the tree house, but for now, provided Mr. Skunk isn't corrupted by his current elevated status, it's a pretty happy arrangement.

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