Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KCWC Day One

Hi all! Thank god it's KCWC. I needed a shot in the ass to overcome my recent doldrums. Nothing like 550 creative people working simultaneously on children's clothing to get you going. Or to make you feel like a total bum for not getting going sooner. Maybe both.

The pervasive strangeness that has plagued us Brewers these past months didn't let up for the pre-KCWC week. I was swamped. So I started the day with a minimal list, washed fabric and that's it. I hadn't made my patterns or cut anything, none of the things I thought I'd have gotten a jump start on.

Oh well, it's a truer test of the theory this way, right?

Well, I put in my hour today. It was rough going, both Little Brother (my sewing machine) and the Viking (my serger) were dusty, needed new needles, and all of the tensions and settings were jacked. Worse yet, it's been so long since I sewed anything, all of those dials and mechanisms were like alien technology to me. But I did my. due diligence, babied my machines a bit, and pushed through to a second hour.

The second hour became a maelstrom of newsprint, felt tip ink stained fingers and improvised patterns. I have to admit, as scatter brained as I can be while "drafting" patterns, this is one of my favorite parts of sewing. Oh, lovely, puzzle-y geometry

Anyway, despite how disorganized I felt all day, I snuck in a 3rd hour after bedtime, and actually made something. I made something!!! It seems simple, but I've been useless in terms of output since Christmas so this little raglan tee feels like a big deal.

I'm proud. I'm happy. I'm inspired. And I'm hoping to keep it up this week and well beyond.