Thursday, April 26, 2012

KCWC Day 2 - Rainbow Raglan

I know I'm blogging a couple of days behind, but I'm keeping up with the sewing and that's saying something, right?  The house isn't even that big of a disaster, considering how divided my attentions have been.  However, we're getting down to the dregs of our take out dinner options. Pizza again, boys?
Anyway, on Tuesday, the real day 2 of KCWC, I made this raglan baseball tee for Jonesie.  It's the same made-up pattern as the Day 1 shirt, but with 3/4 length sleeves.  I just traced an existing shirt's sides and neckline, eyeballed the raglan angle at the shoulders, then made a sleeve pattern with the corresponding angle.  So simple. 
 I ordered this awesome primary rainbow stripe jersey here.  I'm such a fan.  I'll be making a few more items with it before the end of the week.  When you have a 5 year old that wears a size 7 or 8, your options for playful, young-hearted duds are pitifully limited.  It's all skulls, and camo.  So I'll definitely be making B some rainbow things in the next few days.
I'm having so much fun making sewing a priority this week.  It's great timing too, the boys have outgrown nearly everything in their closet, and at the rate I'm going they should both have a couple of new outfits for Spring. 

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  1. I love both of them! Totally my day I'll try a pattern of these day...