Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 4 - Freight Train Baseball Tee

Freight Train by Donald Crews is one of the most cherished books in our house.  I assume that's true in many, many homes across the world.  The kids are crazy for it, for obvious, vehicle worshipping reasons, but I adore the simple, modern illustrations.  It's a pleasure to read, even for the 300th time this month.  My favorite page has the city scape.  Clean, positive - negative shapes, skyscrapers and bridges.  It's just awesome.  And it's been screaming at me to be stenciled.  So, because I needed a breather and new needles for my sewing machine, I spent Day 4 with my old friends, x-acto and freezer paper. 
It turned out better than I'd expected.  Becks is thrilled, Jones is thrilled (he should probably get his own) and with Beckett's new-found adoration for baseball tees, I see this being a new favorite.  Not bad, for a no-sew day.

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  1. Is there a post where you elaborate on the method of this "freezer paper" stencil? It looks awesome and I would love to be able to put graphics on my son's (and my) clothes!