Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KCWC - Day 2

I almost called this post Little Brother Meets a Viking because I recently (very recently) bought a Husqvarna Viking serger. It's not fancy, neither bells nor whistles, but it's a real, quality, used- but well maintained, serger of my very own. I'm still learning how to not feel like an idiot when I sit down in front of it, but we're getting along quite well. As happy as I am, my little Brother sewing machine seems thrilled to get down to some good old fashioned top stitching and hemming.

Those of you who know me know that I never let my lack of a serger stop me from working with knits or attempting any imagined projects. Neither should you! I've gotten along fine with a zig zag stitch, and I never would have made the serger investment had I not put in many hours discovering what kind of sewing I'm passionate about - and what specific benefits a serger would have for me. But it's here now, so I made my first attempts on these simple corduroy pants for Jonesie.
And some legging pajamas for B. Nothing fancy, but perfect for a long, dark, rainy evening like this one. I think that big empty brown shirt is begging for a little something. Maybe a screen printed monster? Both the jammies and the little pants are patterns of my own. Which means they are first traced from existing garments, then altered for lanky Brewer boy frames.These aren't exactly feats of creativity, but I feel good about them. They're classic and comfy, they fit the boys nicely and they were just the kind of easy first hurdle to build my confidence for the rest of the week. There's nothing quite like the camaraderie of KCWC, though, to get you going. It's the best.


  1. There should be a Friends Clothes Week Challenge...where you have to sew stuff for yr friends... :D

  2. So cute! You know...the pajamas look like they could easily morph into a sock monkey costume...not that your little one would necessarily want that. Just saying... :)