Monday, October 3, 2011

Hitting the Walking

While I did do some pattern drafting and cutting today, piles of pencil smudged dot paper don't make for the most charming KCWC photos. So here's this, which counts for the "kid's clothes" bit - but is from last friday - so misses the "week challenge" bit.A couple Christmases back, I took an original Beckett drawing and screen printed it onto t- shirts. These shirts are still pretty popular 'round these parts, but B's drawing style has become so incredibly expressive - such character and imagination - that for Tall, Dark and Husbandy's birthday I figured it was time for a B sketch tee redux.I used the drawing fluid method to prepare the stencil. It's not the most sophisticated way to screen print, but it's fantastic for children's drawings. I printed 2 grown up sized sweatshirts, a kid sized t shirt and a baby long sleeved tee. Then my parent's caught wind and quickly tossed another few shirts into the mix. Preparing the stencil took about an hour,then I left it to dry overnight. The printing took 30 minutes or so. Perfect. Quick, simple, perfect.

***I'm an idiot. I totally thought KCWC started today. Oops! It's next week! I guess I got a little head start on my pattern making, huh?***

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