Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm a little obsessed with vintage seed packets right now. I know I mentioned them before, but since then I've bought this book. Amazing. It's so inspiring just to look through, and the jpeg and TIFF files are nice, high quality images. My first little project was to print off a few small images onto adhesive paper and stick them onto canisters and jars etc in my work area. I love having all of my supplies organized in an inspiring way. Small space living makes it kind of a necessity. I need my supplies to be ready to go for when I find a minute to myself, but for the other 23 3/4 hours in a day it all has to look like part of the dining room. So a little charm goes a long way.There are some etsy vendors who sell digital downloads of similar images for a dollar or two, if you'd rather not buy the whole book (which is only $15 on amazon right now.) And there are free versions floating around the interwebs, perfect for smaller scale, but maybe not the best for enlarging.

OH! And I'm a big fan amazon's free shipping? It says 5-8 days, but my order got to me in 48 hours! Such a pleasant surprise.

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