Monday, August 22, 2011

Post Ocean Blues

I came back from the ocean feeling a little brainless. Like if you held your ear up to my empty head you'd hear the sea? We just had the best time and I can't get myself back to landlubbing norm. Kites and sand dollars, dune grass adventures and driftwood hideouts are on my mind. And the waves. I swear standing knee deep in crashing waves is the best possible power source for my human battery. But more than any of this, I loved having my family (particularly that handsome, hard working guy I married a few years back) all to myself for a few days.
I could have stayed for a year. But we're home and I'm feeling bratty about sharing my boys with the world at large. I'm really not complaining. There are worse things than discovering that you rather enjoy your family! But as I said, I am feeling brainless and distracted, like some part of me is still beachcombing.

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