Monday, July 25, 2011


I love nasturtiums. They're bee friendly, their foliage looks like landlubbing lilypads, and they remind me of my great grandmother who often put them in her salads. But this year, after my brash decision to garden in the least fertile section of my parents' yard, I now also love nasturtiums for their ability to thrive in the worst of soils. Mine are gorgeous and wild and otherwise my garden would be a sad, spindly thing.This big old nasturtium love fest has inspired me. After all, I love nasturtiums as design elements too. And with an internet full of marvelous vintage seed packet images, like the one above, and the few actual vintage packets I've picked up at antique stores, it's easy to let my imagination run wild. Jewelry? Pillows? Posters? Yes, please. And then some.

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