Monday, July 18, 2011

Modern Victorian? Victorian Modern? Oxy Moron?

Way back before we moved I knew I wanted red, ivory and gray in the living room. I'd been scheming a graphic birds and floral theme. Lots of cut paper etc. But when the time came I wanted this room to reflect the whole family, our bent toward the vintage, our love of machinery and, of course, the overwhelming boy factor. I'm outnumbered 3 to 1, so my birds made way for mustaches and penny farthings.It pretty much all started with these wonderful reproduction Tadcaster Museum masks that we had from Beckett's birthday party. I can't find them online, but they were about $5 at our local costume store. The frames were from Michael's, also about $5. The proportions on that wall aren't quite right, I know. Too much negative space, but I love the start. Now I just need throw pillows, lamps, more wall art, shelves, a fireplace cover... you get the idea... its a work in progress.Fixing up our apartment has moved at a snail's pace. Maybe even slower than my sewing, if you can believe it. I've spent the beginnings of Summer getting these boys out for adventures, zoo trips and park trips, ferry boat rides, days at the beach and playdates. It's been great for all of us, as long as I ignore the accumulating layer of dust on my sewing machine, and the half-assed state of our home. Every time frustration and self loathing set in, I pack up and run for the nearest children's museum! Ha!

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