Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag... or... Crazy Like a Fox Part 2: The Daddus Edition

There are few things in the domestic formula that I do with any grace, particularly in the kitchen, but fixing my husband's lunch in the morning has become an art form in its own right. I take great pride in it, don't ask why. So imagine my dismay each day, when he heads out the door with my thoughtfully packed goodies in a plastic Fred Meyer bag. Shameful. So, I made him this.Ok, I bought this and added the fox, but you knew what I meant. And now his mid-day delicacies have a proper transport. I kept it minimal, by that I mean masculine, and had to seriously curb my polka dots and bias tape enthusiasm. I'm very happy with this stencil, and I'm having visions of fox silhouettes on all manner of things. Maybe our plain white bedding? Hmm... that's definitely worth further thought.

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