Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Legitimate Garden Post

As promised. I know it's not much to look at as of now. I'm having a really hard time identifying the weeds from the seedlings in this green jumble, but it's mine and it makes me happy. A great woe will descend upon the Brewer household if my expanding girth ever prohibits me from squeezing through the kitchen window.
I love my new chairs too. They're just cheesy resin, but they're so comfortable and bring some much needed color to the blacktop roof. Pretty cute chair accessory too.
B's berry patch. It's very well tended, and usually has Matchbox bulldozers and front loaders doing the weeding. The first bloom on a cistus I got for my birthday. Alyssum with some larkspur and sweet peas in the background.English daisies and one of Beckett's many hidden gnome friends.

This year, most of my babies are from the many excellent online lists of honey bee-friendly plants. Cosmos, California poppies, Toadflax and some native wildflower mixes, to name a few not pictured. I was stunned to get bees to our hot, barren industrial roof last summer. So this year I did a little more to make it worth their while. I also planted Morning Glories, my favorite. I just have a thing for vine plants. Last year I was too chicken, afraid they'd roast by July. But this year I went for it, and have been treating the tiny spindly sprouts with exceeding care. I hope I hope I hope they bloom.

Over the next few weeks and months everything will be rearranged. Right now the wagons are circled to minimize the roughness of the Spring wind that whips off the bay. Soon I'll have to move containers and create artificial shade to minimize the blistering relentless Summer sun. Honestly, it's pretty hostile. I think it's just my dumb stubbornness that makes anything grow out there at all. It's certainly not skill or expertise.And with a view like this, I can handle a little hostility.

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