Sunday, February 15, 2009

A RickRollin' Good Valentine

Last night, after I had tucked B in, I settled in to my night-night routine of putzing around online just outside the bedroom door while he squirms and murmurs himself to sleep. Sitting in the dark with my headphones becomes like a sensory deprivation unit, or maybe more like a sensory elevation unit that heightens my responses to the audio visual input from my computer (hence Roswell.) On this particular evening, after a simply splendid mellow day with my family, when all was calm and quiet, I went to check this here blog and found myself instead enjoying the sweet sounds (and sweeter moves) of Rick Astley. I was in tears in seconds, trying to keep my laughter silent. I've never been so expertly pranked. It was brilliantly executed by my brilliant Zion who knows exactly what to get the girl who openly scoffs at roses and jewelry. It's my favorite Valentine to date. Never gonna give you up, ZB.

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