Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Because Laughter is the Best Medicine...

...and because mustachioed monster heads are a whole lot funnier than a peptic ulcer (which I have) or prescription antacids (which I have to take,) these little guys , and the sketches that led to their creation, came to pull me from my gastrointestinal gloom.What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. B had a lot of input on these drawings, hence the mustaches, and enjoyed the sketching phase as much as the final product. And for icing, the results of our little photo shoot had us both in stitches, particularly the photos starring Jasper Cat (who handled the indignity with aplomb, what can I say? he's a pro.)


  1. you are my hero. you have superpowers. and a real ulcer? i'm so jealous, my ulcer just turned out to be a lifetime of no gluten. boo. also. i've been sick. hearty cough and head sick. hate my life sick. i miss you still.

  2. It's true, I have a bona fide ulcer, though I'd gladly give up gluten, dairy and sugar if it meant never having another week like this.

    I'm your hero? Please. Who gave me the first dose of medicinal laughter with the whole "dying husk" theory? It still makes me giggle. I'm sorry you're sick, I'm glad you're not dead. I miss you too.

  3. So I tried to post a comment but I guess I didn't do it right...so I will have to do it again...sorry if you get it twice.

    Multitasking is so hard to do...

    LOVE the masks - I demand that we do it on Monday! Oh that Jasper...

    Feel better Amelia.

    (In a whiney voice) I want to know about the "dying husk" theory!

  4. Shirley Bear, I'm so glad you liked 'em. I have some sketches for a bunny eared mask, I thought about staging a little photo shoot on Thursday morning and surprising you with the pics. Then I realized that my "bunny" is probably the stuff of Ella's nightmares. It's certainly no "pink baby bunny."

    I'd love to do this on Monday, but there's no reason you can't do it without me.

    I can't tell you how much I wish you knew all about dying husks, but it requires a good 19hr 45min commitment to a certain alien show. So far, you don't seem ready to stoop, so I'll do my best to explain tomorrow.

  5. You know very well I can't get involved, especially with aliens...I have way too many lovers as it is...besides I'm trying not to brood so much.