Sunday, February 15, 2009

In which the Roof becomes a Terrace

Our real Valentine gift/project was this little sitting area on our roof. At first I had fantasies about sharing my little rooftop planters and my gardening duties with my son, but upon realistic reflection I had to admit just how NOT childproofed it is out there. After I got over my disappointment I realized the potential of having an adult-only space, a Lego free zone trimmed with inspiring breakable things in which to write and knit and drink wine and watch the sky, which looked like this today.
This roof is a huge part of why we rented this place, the view another huge part. We both appreciate the beauty of the crumbling smokestacks juxtaposed with the San Juan Islands. Somewhere along the way we've come to take it for granted, but $12.50 at the Bakerview Nursery and a few bucks at the Re-Store has rekindled our affection.
I planted primroses, pansies, an azalea, English daisies, ranunculus and a prairie fire grass. I adore them all and love the life and color they brought to the brick and blacktop. Though I have to say my current favorite part of my haven are my moss planters. I've been so inspired by the moss terrariums that have been popping up all over BlogLand, so I harvested some of the pest mosses thriving without invite on an amalgam of industrial and organic debris on the roof. They're now living in old birdfeeders, ice cream glasses and jars I've been collecting, and are adorned with various hardware, lightbulbs etc. I'm hoping to have a little chat with my favorite horticulturist this week to figure out what I can do to keep these guys happy in this relatively extreme environment, and to see about the addition of some climbing plants (my favorites- and Darwin's.) I'm so happy, so inspired, so looking forward to spending time out there as they days get longer and warmer.

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