Monday, October 8, 2012

KWCW Day 1 - Back from the Dead

Hi all! I've been trying to write a post explaining my long, unplanned haitus (there is no explanation really - life just happened) and expressing my glee at writing again, making again, sharing again etc.  I have missed it, and missed you all, so much.  It's a tricky post to write, it's too big and wiry to get a handle on.  Too many tangents run amok. Plus the new Blogger format hates me, and the feeling may well be mutual.  But here we are, and thanks to Meg at elsiemarley, I have no more excuses and no more time to dilly dally.  Today is day 1 of Fall KCWC.  I know, I feel pathetic for skipping a half year there, and my aim is not to be an KCWC exclusive blogger.

I thought I'd get a jump start the past few days, but Kindergarten trivialities arose, leaving me strapped for time and down for the count by 8:30 each night.  So here I am on day 1 with my washed and folded piles.  A few things have been cut, a few stencils have been sketched, I'm all kinds of excited to participate again, but as of yet, the piles are all I can share.  In the meantime, please check out elsiemarley and all the awesomeness therein and click through to the flickr pool to see what some eager beavers have already completed.

Away we go!!!

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  1. Claire, it is great to have you back! I have missed your writing.