Saturday, October 13, 2012

KCWC Day 5 - Dino Shirts

It's going to be a two post day.  Yesterday I managed to plan, sew and photograph, but not blog, so you'll be getting this post, and a day 6 post in a bit.  Maybe after dinner.  And a glass of wine.
I made Jonesie a pair of dinosaur shirts using stripe jersey appliques.  I used Heat n'  Bond Lite and zig zag stitched around the edges.  Jones is happy, Becks is furious that he didn't get one.  So despite the fact that this seemingly simple project caused me more grief than anything else I've done this week (including those things yet to be posted) I can't retire the Heat n' Bond just yet.  Another triceratops must be delivered. I will admit that they're pretty cute.  Maybe practice makes perfect?
This was my first attempt at a proper applique.  I usually work with felt- no fraying, no stretch or shift.  So this jersey on jersey business was a whole new rodeo.  There may have been a few choice expletive streams flowing from behind the Brother.  I thought I was giving myself a break by upcycling so many old, blank shirts for KCWC this Fall, but in my efforts to excite and fascinate the Littles with my work, I feel like I've been reinventing the wheel all week.  The straight up sewing projects seem to go much quicker.

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  1. Hi, I was just drawn to your pics on the KCWC Flickr pool when I saw the Groke :) I've loved Moomins since I was a kid and now my own kids enjoy them. These appliques are great. You know you're on a winner when you make something for one kid and the other gets jealous!