Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It's been a hard fall off the new year's resolution wagon. Oh how the mighty... yada yada yada. It seems like I have to shoot for the moon just to accomplish the basics. The wedding show votive wraps were awesome, and highly appreciated by my sister and a few brides, but the etsy shop is in limbo (you'll be the first to know when that changes!). Zion was out of town for a week leaving me fully overwhelmed by simple things like walking the dog and brushing 3 sets of teeth. And finally, even though we're still digging out from the holiday toy, food and decoration avalanche, we threw a birthday party for our boy. Whew!

That right there is enough to make me step away from the x-acto and pick up some laundry, dishes, cooking, insert any number of neglected house chores here.

Then came snow... then more snow... then ice... then more ice. Then our power went out. Madness.

But we were safe and together, and lucky enough to flee the blackout zone before the refreeze made the roads too treacherous. We stayed with my parents and I watched Beckett come out of his (sometimes overly) cautious shell and become a sledding master on my own childhood sledding hill with a whole crew of neighborhood kids. Calder delighted at each snowball he threw,and giggled at the snowman's carrot nose. And Zion, because he works from home (or wherever he can plug in) didn't miss any of our adventures. He's a bit of a sledding master himself.

So despite the chaos and upheaval. The 4 of us homeless, snowbound vagabonds had a lovely week. Our power is back, we went to a beautiful wedding last night, and now we're in our pj's watching football. Life is good. And my x-acto is calling...

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