Monday, January 30, 2012

Anna's Moomins

We're home sick today, which is one of those horribly guilty pleasures for me. Obviously, I hate that my kids don't feel amazing, but we haven't missed a day of school all year, ZB worked all weekend and I could really use a day to just be. So here we are, keeping warm and mellow. We've been reading some Moomin stories this morning and playing with some very special somethings.
In the midst of all of the holiday hubbub - parties, dinners, visits, which lasted well into January for us this year - Beckett did his best to hide from the revelry (more specifically, the revelers) until a dinner with two of my favorite people. Anna, who had lived with my parents while on exchange\ and her husband Doug (who she fell for while on exchange and has been with ever since. Seriously - like a modern day fairy tale) are bright, funny, but quiet people and B came alive with them. He said later "They were quiet and kinda shy, like me. They just seemed like my kind of people." Agreed, couldn't have put it better myself. It didn't hurt that Anna loves Moomins and knew each of Beckett's favorite stories.The catch? They live in Sweden. Which may as well be Mars to a 5 year old. So after spending as much time as we could with Anna, there was a brutal goodbye. Beckett and I were beside ourselves. But Anna had one last surprise up her sleeve.She made these wonderful Moomin figures, and this great Moominpappa applique/embroidered pouch, and delivered them to B at school. It made his day. And though there were many many more uncharacteristic tears shed, these figures have become a happy way to think about our friend. Thank you Anna, if you're reading this! You changed the whole world with your visit, made it bigger, sweeter, and a lovely place for us shy people!

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