Saturday, May 14, 2011

KCWC Highway Highwaters

Hey, I made more pants! These have pockets and trim and top stitching and all sorts of goodies. Maybe this means I'm officially on a roll? They're made from soft, lightweight corduroy with printed cotton pockets and trim. As usual I used ribbing at the waist, this time with elastic encased within. And as usual I didn't use a pattern.I adore these. I love the bright colorful vehicles print, and the way it looks against the neutral gray. I love the length, just short enough to show off Calder's delicious chubby ankles. Beckett wants a pair, and rightfully so, but I'm trying to work through my project pile before heading back to the fabric store. How typical that I reach my stride with only a day left of KCWC? I hope to keep up the momentum, but maybe on some big people clothes. Maybe we can have a Mom Clothes Week Challenge next?

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