Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mexican Folk Art Bathroom

Serendipity strikes at will. I have a small but growing collection of Mexican folk art that I've used as bathroom decor for years. It all started with a single coconut mask given to me by one of my favorite families, who also keep their coconut masks and dolls in the bathroom. Following suit just seemed like the thing to do. Fast forward to now, a new place with all kinds of very grown up tan walls. While we do have the freedom to paint, the bathroom is not a priority. So up went the bright and strange coconut masks, the muertos and sugar skulls.
And the coolest thing happened. This oh-so-neutral tan, which would have been swapped out for a lime or sage or marigold if I had a few hours and a large pot of coffee, ended up looking really nice. It made my funky stuff look like a grown up's folk art collection. Even as toilet decor, it looks kinda fancy. I love it.
Having lived in a white-walled rental for so long, we used all kinds of bright, colorful things to brighten up our space. Bright red couch, jalapeno green dresser, etc. The great irony is that now that I can paint the walls most colors would look ridiculous with our belongings. Suddenly neutral walls are my best friends. Or maybe I'm just becoming a grown up. Maybe.

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