Monday, February 21, 2011

Ilsa's Alpine Adventure

For someone who's spent most of her life (childhood and adulthood alike) dressed like some vintage Dale of Norway advert, it's pretty astounding that I've never set foot on a ski slope. Never. I love snow, I love mountains, but life and kids and cost prohibitive lift tickets make it extra daunting for an adult beginner. Yesterday my husband sprung me from my tower of housework (why does moving generate so much laundry?!?) and we took a drive to the mountains. No winter sports, as such, but we had snowball fights, built a snowman and had hot cocoa at the lodge. Take that doldrums! AND it had the added bonus of giving two of our recently thrifted sweaters picture perfect Nordic backgrounds. Next winter I'll get on a chairlift. I'd love to try it out, especially if Beckett and I can learn together. But for now it was worth the 30 minute drive just to get out of the house, spend a little time with my boys and to validate my recent thrift therapy sessions.This tall drink of water can take me home any time he likes. Though he says I should expect an official take-down notice for having posted his image on my blog. Ha!

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