Friday, February 19, 2010

Solid Gold Headache

I gave myself a raging tension headache watching the men's free skate last night and it's carried over to this morning. So intense! My heart was in my throat most of the show (which we were fortunate enough to watch live and Bob Costas free on CTV.) It was an amazing, high drama night of pitfalls and professionalism, and though the new points system doesn't adequately reward pure artistry (i.e. Johnny Weir), neither did it reward pure mechanics (i.e. Darth Vader).
Well done, Evs, (as you're lovingly known in the Brewer house) you and your Jack Skellington wingspan were flawless.

The only other sport I can recall watching with such passionate investment is Formula 1. Which happily starts up right after the Games, and runs right up until the figure skating Grand Prix season. What can I say? I'm apparently the kind of girl that likes her athletes in either fire proof racing suits, or lycra and feathers. Go figure.

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