Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Raw Materials

For all of my sewing life, I've been afraid of knits, of the way they pull and stretch and otherwise behave improperly. Equal to this terror, however, has been my infatuation with unfinished edges with their softness and movement. I learned early on that making a (decent- looking) garment with raw edges out of a woven is much more time consuming than just hemming it anyway. Lame and lame. But somehow in all these years nobody had ever told me that raw edges and knits are kind of BFFs. I mean seriously, have I been living under a rock, or what? Well, I'm in the know now, and here's what I did with this new tidbit.It's just a little black thing, meant to be couch friendly - public approved. It has a ruffle around the neckline and at the hem, and an elastic empire waist, and not one single edge is finished!
Another awesome knit-note, making ruffles is like butter with this stuff. Cut a strip, turn your tension dial way up, set your stitch length to as long as it'll go, and watch ruffles happen. Fo reals, no basting or pinning, just butter. I've also been under the impression that without a serger, knits are hopeless. But my little P.O.S. machine handled this with aplomb. Not that I still wouldn't commit countless crimes and sins to get my hands on a serger.

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