Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seriously Unmotivated

I realized last night, mid-phone conversation, that I respond really well to life and death threats. Therefore, even in the midst of this weird unmotivated lull, the impending death-by-frying of my plants has kept me from going into complete potato chip, couch and blanket reclusion. So, in lieu of all the witty and endlessly clever things I otherwise would have written this week, I thought I'd post a few pictures of the garden, with my apologies and a promise to stay off my ass next week.The new additions include some linaria- who have sisters (regular flower headed sisters- not vegetable headed ones, that'd be weird) at la Casa Irlanda - strawflowers, a rock rose, lobelia, lamb's ear, a columbine that refused to be killed, and a horde of nigella. Oh, and tomatoes and a bunch of herbs. I've promised myself I'm done now. No more planting, just maintaining. And sweeping for crying out loud. Would it kill me to push a broom around out there and clean up all that gross industrial detritus?


  1. also the secret word verification i just got in order to post that comment was 'expatter'. big fan of that word. "the sound of the expatter of socked feet across the carpeted room."