Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MY Garden

I've noticed a shift in the language I use when talking about the rooftop container garden. I quickly realized that the roof was no place for toddlers, but I still fancied that I was sharing with my family. B planted his own seeds, helped me fill pots with soil etc. But in the last few weeks I've caught myself saying things like "my peas are going crazy" and "I think my blueberries need a little sulfur."This whole thing started out as an experiment to see if I was cut out for gardening. I'm so pathetic in all other domestic areas - not that I'm claiming to be good at this, either. I exemplify novice status, and what success I've had I still chalk up to beginner's luck. But I'm not neglectful, which has surprised me. Not just that I keep my plants watered, but that I keep them constantly in mind.

Frankly, I've often had myself a little chuckle at Zion's expense when he bustled around like a mother hen, powering off each computer and server at the first sign of high winds. Now I'm the butt of stormy jokes, when I scramble out the window to secure my planters, and come in rain-drenched.

I guess the biggest surprise is the elation I get from it. It's just like driving for me. My brain wanders into the most fertile territory while I'm gardening. The bonus being that I'm not endangering anyone by making brief notes and sketches mid trowel. Arguably not the case with freeway driving.I figured I'd better add a photo of my seedlings, too, since Amelia claims that the act of starting from seeds makes me a gardener vs. one who gardens. I don't know if there's any validity to that, but I'll take it.
This week I'm looking forward to planting my mother's day tomatoes and their pot-mates getting new trellises (did I mention my peas are going crazy?), and maybe fashioning a planter out of an old drawer, but I just thought I'd post a few pics of my work so far.

Oh yeah, I'm also looking forward to bringing home one of those big plastic owls, I've been hoping for some sparrows or blackbirds to visit, but this morning received my first avian guests - pigeons. Ew. Looks like this'll be a bird free garden.

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