Monday, June 27, 2011

Calder's First Birthday!

Somehow, and without asking my permission (the nerve!) my baby turned 1 on Saturday. We had a family party for him, complete with balloons, balls and robots. I had a lot of help from a certain 4 year old co-host, which made the party that much sweeter, boyish and more lively. He even made custom original robot cups and tablecloths.We spent the bulk of the weekend playing and snuggling and celebrating our little Calder. So, basically it was like every other weekend, but with cupcakes and a heaping dose of nostalgia!It's been a busy few (or many) weeks. Crazy busy. I feel like we've been flying at warp speed since our Oregon trip. And it's not slowing down yet. My husband is in Philadelphia this week so the boys and I are flying solo at warp speed. But life is good. My boys are best friends, and great company for me. There isn't much "me" time, if any, but I'm trying to enjoy this incredible time. I doubt very much that on Calder's 18th birthday I'll be wishing I'd spent less time with him when he was young!

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