Monday, November 15, 2010

Pipe Dreams... or Needle Dreams

Everything has come to a grinding halt around here. The baby has needed near constant walking and the big boy has decided that 3am is his new wake up time. It's frustrating to say the least. I'm almost jittery with an "idle hands" kind of feeling. This too shall pass, right? In the mean time I've been day dreaming of an alternate universe in which I am (and have time to be) an adept knitter. All of my yarns and needles are stored and untouched, but here are a few of the things that alternate Claire is working on this winter in front of her fireplace. Because she has a fireplace. Obviously.

Hat with Anime Character
(Hello Totoro!)

Baby Sophisticate Sweater

Vine Yoke Cardigan


Meret (Mystery Beret)

It's a lovely dream, anyway. The weather up here is providing enough excitement for now, I suppose. I was photographed by the local paper this morning. Most likely because I looked so ridiculous carting my 2 bundled up kids through the bluster. Happy Windsday everyone!


  1. Ooo! Please post a picture if the newspaper puts your picture in the paper! :)

  2. I start every knitting project with big plans...find I'm distracted by 4 kids, go wrong, rip it all out and start again with something extremely simple....every time! Hence I never knit anything that requires counting.

  3. Millie - I'm impressed you even start anything with 4 kids! Counting or not, you're my hero.

    Kellie Marie - they did put my picture in the paper, unwashed, uncoordinated and in my husband's coat. Pretty silly. Plus they completely made up a quote from me. Zion says I should demand a retraction. Ha!