Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Half Asleep in Penguin Pajamas

I was told, no ordered last weekend to post something, anything, just some puff to get the seasonally inappropriate jack-o-lantern off the top spot. So here goes. I am pregnant, due June 30th. I am epically pregnant, actually and spend most of my time horizontal. The rare vertical moment is generally spent scouring the internet for tear-worthy scraps of a few favorite tv shows. It's pretty embarrassing. Things I never would have cried over a few weeks ago make me gush, which given my general ice queen-ness (which was totally amplified in my first pregnancy- yikes!) is pretty fun. A pair of figure skaters skating to Once Upon a Time in the West made me weep, as did some cheesy youtube fan-made Being Human video.

I'm medicated now, after some drastic weight loss and a sudden and profound intimate relationship with my bathroom floor, but the meds cause comical drowsiness. I almost passed out open-mouthed in my mashed potatoes last Thursday night (thank you, Jose, for your watchful gaze and quick giggle reflex.) I'm keeping more than just 7up down, but still have that super fun sea-sick feeling, which might be a problem if I could get off the couch, but alas...

So, basically, I'm exhausted and miserable and happy and finding unbearable beauty everywhere I look. My house is a mess, my dog is sad, my son is neglected, and my husband takes it all with a certain calm amusement. He's like Eric Northman right now... mmm. Oh yeah, and I'm trying to downshift all of my Christmas project dreams into internet shopping reality. Sorry folks, I might have to put my usual "handmade holidays" on the shelf for this one. But anything exciting I complete (or even attempt) I'll post. Happy December, everyone! B and I totally cooled out to the Comcast Yule Log today, 'tis the season and all.


  1. Hey, welcome back...glad to know you are doing better. Talk to you soon...

  2. Firstly there was no "ordering" there was just suggesting and pleading. I love reading your blog and when nothing new has been posted I get withdrawls (like you not being able to see Eric Northman until next year). BEING HUMAN You Tube sound like the funniest thing ever!

    Also my keen eye (as if the other one is not so keen, which would be a LAZY EYE)! my keen eyes see that your last post was a creepy old Jane-o-lanter. I feel bad that you are always feeling sea-sick. I suggest singing "Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates's Life for me" it might make it a little fun.

    Before this comment gets too long: Chestnuts Roasting on a Digital Fire!

  3. Hollah when you're no so gaggsville! You need to come see my now "full house"...

    ew. I mean: "oh"...

    * slowly nodding with a slight squint, whilst pursing lips *