Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is Halloween

I spent the morning building the form that I'll be using to make our fox masks, and at the end I had some extra white modeling material. You know, that spongy Crayola stuff that air hardens overnight? So Beckett and I had a crazy fun project session, making "ghosties" out of the leftover clay and some buttons and beads. Aren't they killer?
But even B's wonder-filled inventions couldn't break me out of my standard anal M.O. Insert some sentiment about a leopard and his spots here. Anyway, once the ball got rollin', we started making a bunch of little paper cut-outs (which became a garland), and pulling out the Halloween decoration box, and before I knew it, we had a full blown seasonal display in the kitchen. See? I can play home-maker. Scratch that, I'm a lousy housewife. One look at, or taste of, Zion's birthday cake last week would prove that. But I do know how to have a spontaneous good time with my son. And I like to think I make being domestically stunted look good. Word.

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