Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project Wedding: Lemonade Stand and Candy Buffet

Ok, I can't take much credit for these. Both the lemonade stand and the candy buffet came straight out of my sister's brilliant mind. My dad and I built the awnings, though, and I strategically placed those vintage hankies. Otherwise it was all Lo.
She had varieties of lemonade and milk glass bowls filled with fresh sliced lemons and strawberries to add to your drink. To top it all off, she had candy sticks in different flavors to pop into fresh lemons and use as straws. Like this. Apparently it's an East Coat thing, but we both vividly remember it from childhood. It's so delicious.
For the candy buffet she went for bright colors mixed in with the blue, white and gray wedding colors. She wanted it to look like an old timey candy shop. You can imagine what a huge hit this was. Particularly with the kiddos.

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