Monday, September 20, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

Kids Clothes Week Challenge starts today. The challenge is to work on children's clothes for at least 1 hour every day from the 20th to the 26th. I'm so excited to play along. The timing is a little inopportune as I'm still not allowing myself to buy any fabric, but my stash is bountiful and should prove worthy. Plus making tiny things could help me burn through the scrap pile.

Don't expect anything fancy from me, you know how inept I am at following patterns. But we're a big pj household anyway. Beckett is seriously like Mr. Rogers with his pajama pants, as soon as he's in the door the jeans are off and the "jamm-os" are on. So jamm-os it is.

It's a busy week for us, particularly at the end, but I spent some time today sketching and cutting and I'm optimistic that I'll be able to put in the requisite 1 hour a day.

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