Tuesday, September 28, 2010

KCWC - All Stitched Up

Here's my completed pile from Kids Clothes Week. Pretty stout, right? There are a few things I haven't posted yet, like a few iron on transfers from this, which I've been coveting. Unfortunately I'm no iron on expert. I'll definitely be practicing a bit before I dig into these awesome images again. Anyway, it was a fantastic week. Productive and fun. I got tired of switching out the thread and bobbin, so I ended up just using teal thread for the bulk of the sewing. It, plus the fact that I worked from a few cuts of stashed fabric, makes it seem so cohesive. I kinda love it. It's like the Brewer Fall 2010 collection. Except not fashionable.
There's already some talk of a Spring Kid's Clothes Week next year. I'm so in. And stay tuned, because in the midst of my kid and baby sewing frenzy, I somehow worked on my own list too. I'm so close I can almost smell the new fabric!

***UPDATE*** Check out the newest post over at Elsie Marley. My animal hats were picked for the big wrap up post. Also check it out because of the other amazing creations. There's a lion jacket that is just killing me! Anyway a few people have asked for a pattern for the hats - so I'll try to post a tutorial after this weekend. Wish me luck! And thanks so much to all of you who have shown an interest!


  1. LOVE everything you made! Wow! What a week. Congrats on a successful week. I especially LOVE the baby animal hats... did you have a pattern, or were they a creation of your own?

  2. Thank you so much! The hats were a creation of my own - a little trial, a whole lot of error. I'll try to post a tutorial as soon as I can, if you're interested.

  3. Hi I found your blog through the animal hats photo. I will be watching out for the tutorial. My babies are all a bit big for them now, but there are always babies to make for. You did so well during KCWC. I love all that you made.
    Are the onesies done with freezer paper or are they the transfers you wrote about? I love the monacle one.

  4. Hi Millie! The Mjr. Monacle, fox and walrus onesies are all freezer paper stencils. Thanks for checking out my blog and for all your kind words!