Friday, October 22, 2010

Utter Chaos

It seriously looks like my steamer trunk threw up all over the living room right now. This whole project of getting rid of long stashed clutter feels endless. It's exhausting. I'm getting to the point where I just want to shove everything back into dark corners and closets and not think about it for another year or so. I'm past the point of no return though. Besides, look at my beautiful steamer trunk! It was my great grandmother's and she brought it with her from Norway when she immigrated to the States. Shame on me for treating it as a craft supply dungeon. Wanna see the coolest part?The original Stavanger to New York label is still attached. I get a little fluttery every time I see that.


  1. Im right with ya at the moment.... I have managed to get the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and lounge DONE! ONLY because I have hid everything behind the closed doors of the front room and playroom....YUK...where the hell are those clean up fairies!

  2. Wow! Is that Grandma Clarice's mother's steamer trunk or is it from your other side of the family? I love that the tag is still on it. Sooo awesome!

  3. Yes Kellie! It's your great grandmother's trunk too!