Monday, June 13, 2011

Fairy Garden Potting Bench

We had a gray, wet morning here, the kids were mellow and we had nowhere to be, so I hung out in my pajamas and did some indoor work on the fairy garden.Michael's Crafts had miniature flowerpots ($2), a simple gazebo ($3) (intended as a birdfeeder?) and a miniature cabinet ($1), all in unfinished wood. They've been painted and varnished and the pots have been glued in place. I also found miniature chalkboards at Michael's. I used colored pencils to write on it, then used spray varnish to hopefully protect it a bit from the weather. No guarantees on this one, but I'll let you know if it works or is a stunning failure. Either way it's cute in the short term, and the colored pencils look just like chalk, but with more control for such a small scale.I got these great gardening tools, miniature bell jars and the white patio set from the last post from this charming garden shop in Burbank. Maybe your local nursery gift shop has something similar? And certainly etsy is a treasure trove for things like this.Lastly, this morning I pulled out some white polymer clay. I made some toadstools for the landscape, then a few birds, and finally an owl for a sort of finial or weathervane or something to top the gazebo. The gazebo needs help, but I'm a little stumped. Does it need shingles on the roof? Flooring? Any ideas would be much appreciated!At any rate, this project has been so fun. I love losing myself in miniature worlds. But who doesn't, right?

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  1. Sooo cute. This looks like a blast. I'd probably either go with shingles on the gazebo or a colorful roof of some kind. Fabric seems like it could go horribly wrong, but I don't know what else I'd try. Looking forward to seeing the results!