Friday, June 5, 2009

Live from Beautiful Downtown Burbank

I arrived safe and sound at the Burbank (actually the Bob Hope) airport yesterday afternoon and I thought I'd share some my observations thus far.

-Screaming mothers and unruly children in confined airport spaces gave me a fleeting sense of relief to be traveling alone, and a lasting sense of lonliness. What can I say? I miss my kid.

-No matter how friendly a white haired old lady on a plane may be beforehand, I should know by now to expect iciness should she glimpse my tattoo.

-By contrast, a 22 year old flying home from college for a friend's wedding with House of Leaves tucked under her arm should always be counted on to be most excellent airplane aisle company.

-I've chosen to believe that the entire city of Sacramento, and not just one terminal at its airport, is entirely populated with steam shovels and cell phone wielding state legislators, and that the air is forever rich with the smell of cinnamon. Mmm... Sacramento.

-During my day of travel, I thrice saw small dark brown birds out of the corner of my eye that weren't there. I don't know what that means. A sign of impending madess? Or the raising up of vengeful ghost birds?

-Speaking of birds, I'm not claiming to be an expert on the aviculture of NW Washington, but it'sparticularly weird to be in a place where I can't recognize most of the birds. It makes me feel thrillingly far away.

-SoCal marketing firms are so damn good at what they do they've even convinced the plants that Burbank isn't a desert. Seriously, every other tree is laden with these crazy purple blooms and the air is dry, fresh and light with floral perfume. Of course that may have something to do with it having rained this morning.

-Should you ever have the occasion to walk to the landmark Handy Market for white wine and ice cream, please stop to enjoy the mythologically inspired topiary that adorns the Shell station on the corner of Buena Vista and Magnolia. It's amazing, complete with prancing hedge pegasuses and an inspired petunia sea serpent.

-Yes, that Magnolia. No, so far no sign of biblical plagues.

-Let me just say that again. A petunia sea serpent!!!!!!

-On my walk to the Handy Market, I was startled by local mannequins. Twice.

-Either my grandfather is haunting me (highly likely) but has lost a considerable amount of musical talent post mortem (highly unlikely) or my sister has an accordian playing neighbor who prefers to dabble in the very Italian songs of generations past. Despite the fumbling fingers on the keys, it was more than enough to stop my breath for extended moments.

-My neice has the most ridiculously marvelous nanny. She's a complete pro with years of experience and seemingly infinite tricks up her sleeve. She cooks, she cleans, she sings, she dances. But beyond all that she has endless warmth and genuine love for her charge. Do you think she'd mind terribly if I forcibly kidnapped her and stuffed her into my carry on? Honestly, I want a Marta. If any of you, dear readers, find a lone Marta wondering the streets please send her my way. Much obliged.

-My sister is Wonderwoman, minus the boots. Excet that she's pushing herself to limits that would make Linda Carter weep for mercy.

-My neice, Ella, is exceptional. I've never known a baby like her. She's a friggin' dynamo with no off switch and a ferocious appetite for learning and experience. And she only 6 months old! That having been said, I don't envy my sister the task of parenting her through her teenage years. Yowza. They're going to have fights worthy of history books, if there were history books written about such matters.

-Not that what happens this one infant weekend will inform the rest of our relationship too drastically, but I can't help feeling like Auntie Claire and little Ells are going to be buds for a long time.

-Despite my being such an old Northwest dog, being here this weekend, amidst mild weather and abundant flora, and getting to spend such easy hours with my sister and her daughter is almost enough to make me feel like I could be happy living here. Again, this could have a lot to do with the fact that it rained this morning.

Anyway, more to come. Next time with pictures. I promise.

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  1. Hey Claire, this is Kellie Marie...
    Just wanted to say, if you ever find yourself in the Sacramento area for more than a brief layover, give me a call...I'm only 2 hours away. And also, I promise to reply to your email soon....looks like we're both bad cousinly pen-pals.